1.3 Text Editor

Text Editor

Before you actually start developing, you’ll need the right tools. For web development, you can write your HTML/CSS on a program called a Text Editor, such as Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (MacOS). You can open these programs by going to the search on your laptop (on Windows 10, there is a search bar at the bottom left of the Taskbar typically; on Mac go to spotlight search on the top right).
However, there are also more advanced Text Editors you can download that allow for ease of development, such as Visual Studio CodeSublime Text, or Atom. The main benefit of these advanced editors is syntax highlighting and autocomplete.
Lastly, there are also in-browser editors, such as repl.it and jsfiddle.net, which are in the middle—they’re not as complex as VS Code or Sublime Text, but they provide the basic features of a Text Editor that you need to make basic webpages. For this class, we recommend using repl.it or JS Fiddle. To save your code, we also recommend that you make an account on whichever platform you choose (otherwise you might lose your progress).
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