9.3 Retrieving, Updating, and Adding Values

Retrieving, Updating, and Adding Values

Unlike lists, dictionaries do not have indices. You access values using their keys. For example, if I wanted to get the address of "Daisy Johnson", I would do this:
daisy_address = contacts["Daisy Johnson"] print(daisy_address) # prints “1357 Wall St”
Similarly, if I wanted to update the address of "Daisy Johnson", I would do this:
contacts["Daisy Johnson"] = "2468 Park Ave" print(contacts["Daisy Johnson"]) # prints “2468 Park Ave”
To add a new key-value pair, simply use the same syntax for updating a key-value pair:
contacts["Leo Fitz"] = "1258 Monkey Dr" print(contacts) # prints the dictionary with the new entry
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Output of the code above:
1357 Wall St 2468 Park Ave {'John Doe' : '1234 Main St', 'Jane Smith' : '5678 Market St', 'Daisy Johnson' : '2468 Park Ave', 'Leo Fitz' : '1258 Monkey Dr'}
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