4.1 - Imports, Images, and Constants

4.1 Imports, Images, and Constants

We’ve learned how to use the pygame library to create a simple application. We’ve also learned how to let this application be interactive for the user. In this chapter, we’ll be using object-oriented programming to code a tank game.
Before you begin, you’ll want to import the following modules. You’ll also need to download the required images and define the necessary constants.
import pygame from pygame.locals import ( K_w, K_s, K_a, K_d, KEYDOWN, KEYUP, QUIT, RESIZABLE, MOUSEBUTTONDOWN, ) import time import math import random BULLET_IMG_PATH = "./bullet.png" TARGET_IMG_PATH = "./target.png" TANK_IMG_PATH = "./completetank.png" BLACK = (255, 255, 255) DIRTBROWN = (168, 95, 0) SANDBROWN = (237, 201, 175) TANKSPEED = [2, 2] # speed x and speed y BULLETSPEED = [8, 8]
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