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Newline and Tab

There are also some handy commands you can use for making your text look nice. Here are a few examples of the newline and tab characters.
public class FormattingText { public static void main(String[] args) { String firstName = "Jyoti"; String lastName = "Rani"; System.out.println( "First name: " + firstName + "\nLast name: " + lastName ); } }
Newline example. The "\n" is computer-speak for "new line." What do you think will be printed out this time?
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First name: Jyoti Last Name: Rani
public class BallDrop { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("Hello world!"); System.out.println( "The ball dropped \n\t down \n\t\t down \n\t\t\t down" ); } }
Tab character example. The "\t" is computer-speak for "tab." What do you think will be printed?
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Hello world!    The ball dropped         down             down                 down
Let's break down the special characters above. The two that are used are:
  1. The newline character
  1. The tab character
The first character is the command for a new line. This is more convenient than typing out a new System.out.println every time you wish for a new line. The second character is for a tab, which is like an indentation. The syntax is a backslash + the letter (t or n). Notice how placing multiple tab characters next to each other increases the number of times of indentation.


About Me Variables

Create a program called AboutMeVariables. Your program should store your name and any message you want in 2 variables. (Be sure to follow good naming conventions!) Then, use a single println statement to print your name followed by your message. Your message should be on the next line. (Hint: Use a newline character.)

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