1.2 What is Java?

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Ch. 1 Intro to Java

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What is Java?

Java is a programming language, but what does that mean? What sets it apart from all the other languages? Well, there's actually only a few things. The beauty of programming is that, for the most part, the concepts are the same. There are only a few ideas that are different to Java from, for example, C. Other than that, there's really only syntax. This means once you get the hang of how loops, conditionals, and all the other basics work, you'll be able to pick up many other languages; you'll just have to learn the syntax! Meanwhile, we'll take a look at some features of Java that make Java unique.

Intro: Features

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Funny name I know.
OOP is one feature of Java.
OOP stands for Object Oriented Programming, and it's a huge foundation for the structure of Java. OOP is the idea that you can make a certain piece of code into an object. You can make the computer identify it by a certain name. Every time you call the function anywhere in your code, it will do its job.

Platform Independent

One feature of Java is that it is cross platform, or platform independent. This means that once Java code is written, it can be run on many different types of hardware. Java can run on Windows OS, Mac OS, and Linux. These are some examples of Java being cross platform. are Java uses a compiler to turn the code that the programmer has typed into bytecode. Then the JRE, Java Runtime Environment is used to run the program.


Java is a robust or strong language, because of a few features that are really helpful when programming. One aspect of Java being robust is the way Java stores data. It has a very strong memory allocation feature. Also Java has an automatic garbage collection system that cleans up unused objects for efficiency of the program. Also Java has many exception handling mechanisms in place to catch the mistakes of a program.  These in summary are a few features of Java that make it a great, dynamic programming language to learn!
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