Project-Based Course

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About This Course

Ever wondered how to create dazzling applications? C4T’s Project-Based Course will teach you how to apply all your knowledge in web development to create practical web applications! You will learn to use HTML and CSS to make dazzling websites, and Javascript to make them interactive. By the end of this course, your instructor will guide you to create at least one project together, and another on your own.


Thank you to everyone who helped make this course possible!
  • Jerry Wang (Victoria Park C.I. c/o 2023)
  • Fei Wang (William Lyon Mackenzie C.I. c/o 2026)
  • Adarsh Agrahara (Evergreen Valley High School c/o 2024)
  • Keerthan Sanjay (Adrian C. Wilcox High School c/o 2024)
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