5.2 Positioning

CSS position Property

The position property specifies the type of positioning method used for an element (static, relative, absolute, or fixed).
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CSS top Property

The top property affects the vertical position of a positioned element. This property has no effect on non-positioned elements.
  • If position: absolute; or position: fixed; - the top property sets the top edge of an element to a unit above/below the top edge of its nearest positioned ancestor.
  • If position: relative; - the top property makes the element's top edge to move above/below its normal position.
Right, bottom, and left properties have similar effects.

CSS z-index Property

The z-index property specifies the stack order of an element.
An element with greater stack order is always in front of an element with a lower stack order.
Note: z-index only works on positioned elements (position: absolute, position: relative, position: fixed).
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