4.11 "Frames" Practice

4.11 "Frames" Practice

Text frame

1. Create a heading and change its color to anything other than black
2. Increase the text size
3. Put the heading in a div element and draw a border around it (make sure it has a nice color)
4. Change the background color of the div to any color other than the text color

Picture frame

Create a picture frame with HTML + CSS:
1. Use a <div> tag to create your frame
2. Style your borders and backgrounds:
2a. Use at least one 3D border
2b. Use at least one id/class attribute
3. Use a picture of yourself or something you enjoy
4. Add a caption below the picture (below the box):
4a. Use the box-model to format your website
Practice template: practice/Picture-Frame

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4.12 Quiz
4.12 Quiz
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