1. Create game display
      • Create and title project
      • Choose background
      • Delete cat sprite
  1. Create snake sprite
      • Create and name sprite
      • Resize sprite
      • Place sprite on screen
      • Set up a game loop for the snake
      • Make the snake move in the direction of whatever arrow key is pressed
      • If the snake touches the edges of the display screen, the game ends
      • If the snake touches itself (the end of its body), the game ends
      Hint 1: Research and use pen extension for snake body
      Hint 2: Define and execute draw, erase, and sensor methods for snake body
  1. Create and display a points table on the screen
      • Set initial score to 0
      • Increase the number of points a user gets by 1 every single time the snake eats an apple
  1. Create apple element
      • Create and name object
      • Resize object
      • Set initial position of apple to outside the game area
      • Make a clone of the apple, and set its location to be random
      • Make a game loop (forever)
      • If the snake touches the apple, make a new clone of the apple and delete the clone that the snake touched
  1. Create clear game instructions to be displayed at the beginning of the game
      • Explain the objective of the game
      • Explain how to play the game
  1. Create display for the end of the game
      • Display the words “Game Over”
      • Display the user’s total points
      • Prompt the user to play again
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