Iteration Types

The three basic types of loops (the process for iteration) are count-controlled loop, condition-controlled loop, and the forever loop.
We witness these three different types of loops in our daily lives. For the count-controlled loop, we see it in use when we are making food. We have to pour a cup of sugar 5 times when we are making cake (Do we?). For the condition-controlled loop, we see it when we are eating. We keep biting into the food until it is gone. For the forever loop, we see it in ourselves. We breathe forever (until we die because nothing is forever).
In Scratch, the tools for iteration can be found under the control section. We will be looking at:
notion image
The first starting from the left is a count-controlled loop.
The second starting from the left is a condition-controlled loop.
The third starting from the left is a forever loop.
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