Types of Operators

Relational Operators:
Allows you to compare two values.
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There are three Relational Operators:
  1. greater than
  1. less than
  1. equal to
Logic Operators:
Combine two or more Relational Operators to result in a single true/false value.
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There are three Logic Operators:
  1. and
  1. or
  1. not
Arithmetic Operators:
Arithmetic operations allow you to code programs that add, subtract, multiply, and divide.
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Bitwise Operator:
The bitwise operator looks directly at the binary digits or binary bits of an integer.
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Assignment Operators:
Used for assigning values to variables.
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Identity Operators:
Used for comparing two or more objects based on their ID’s.
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Membership Operators:
Membership operators are used to verifying whether a particular element is a part of a sequence or not.
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