MEET A SPRITE - Scratch Activity (In Class)

Now, we are going to practice drag and drop coding through Scratch. Follow your instructor through this in-class activity on your own Scratch accounts:
  1. Log into Scratch and create a new program. Name your activity: Meet a Sprite
  1. Click the add backdrop button in the bottom right of the screen. Choose the ‘Boardwalk’ background.
  1. Click ‘Events’ on the left sidebar and drag the ‘When Flag Clicked’ onto the grey area.
  1. Next click ‘Motion’ on the left sidebar. Find the block labeled ‘move,’ drag it onto the grey workspace, and insert the number of steps you would like.
  1. Go to ‘Looks’ on the left sidebar. Drag the ‘Say Hello For Two Seconds’ onto the workspace.
  1. Under the same ‘Looks’ category, drag another ‘Say Hello For Two Seconds’ onto the workspace. This time, edit the text inside to say ‘My name is ___.’ Fill in the blank with a name of your choice.
  1. Click on ‘Control’ on the left and add a ‘Wait’ block on the workspace.
  1. From ‘Sensing’ on the sidebar, drag and drop the ‘Ask and Wait’ Block onto the workspace. Edit the text to say “what is your name?”
  1. Insert another ‘wait’ block underneath.
  1. Finally, under ‘Looks,’ drag and drop the ‘say hello for two seconds.’ Edit the text to say “It’s nice to meet you!”
CONGRATULATIONS!! You just worked with block-based programming and created
your own code :)
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