8.1 Libraries


Libraries are collections of methods that you can use when you're programming. Libraries are Python code that serves a certain function. For example, let's say you want a random number generator. You import the random module, and then you can use it to get random numbers by calling methods from it:
  • First, import the random module: import random
  • Then, call a method from the random module: random.randrange(1, 10)
  • This gives us a random number between 1 and 10 (exclusive), as those are the arguments we passed in
# import the random module import random # returns a random number between 1 and 10 (exclusive) number = random.randrange(1, 10) print(number)
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random.randint(a, b) is the same as random.randrange(a, b), except that b is inclusive for randint

Different Ways to Import

# import the entire module import module_name # import the module and refer to it as a different name # in your code # (typically, it's a shortened name) # this is called aliasing a module import module_name as shortened_name # from a certain module, import only a certain class, # variable, or method from module_name import thing_in_module # wildcard (*) import - imports everything in that module from module_name import *
When importing using the syntax from module_name import thing_in_module, you can simply access the imported thing with the syntax thing_in_module, instead of module_name.thing_in_module. However, you must access the imported thing with module_name.thing_in_module for the 1st and 2nd way of importing shown above.
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Import the random module. Store a random secret number in a variable called secret_number (use randrange or randint). The secret number should be from 1 to 20 (inclusive). Ask the user to keep guessing the number until they get it right. You might want to print messages to tell the user if they guessed right or wrong

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