3.3 - Blocking & Allowing Events

3.3 Blocking & Allowing Events

Some other useful methods to work with events are the set_blocked(), set_allowed(), and get_blocked() events.
set_blocked() takes in a pygame event or a list of events that you want to be blocked from the queue. If you use None as the input, all events will be blocked from the queue.
set_allowed() does the opposite of the previous method. It takes in a pygame event or a list of events that you would like allowed in the queue. If you input None, all events will be allowed.
get_blocked() will return a boolean based on whether or not an event is blocked from the queue. If a list of events is passed in, the method will return True if one of the events is blocked.
# blocks QUIT and KEYUP from the queue pygame.event.set_blocked(pygame.QUIT) pygame.event.set_blocked(pygame.KEYUP) # allows QUIT to the queue pygame.event.set_allowed(pygame.QUIT) print(pygame.event.get_blocked(pygame.QUIT)) # prints False print(pygame.event.get_blocked(pygame.KEYUP)) # prints True
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