7.2 String Methods

String Methods

There are various methods you can call on strings to change them or check if they contain certain characters.
You can view a full list of them here
These are the string methods that you should know:
  • upper - converts all alphabetic characters to uppercase
  • lower - converts all alphabetic characters to lowercase
  • split - returns an array of the string split by a certain pattern (by default, the string is split by spaces)
  • isalpha - returns True if all characters in the string are alphabetic
  • isdigit - returns True if all characters in the string are digits
  • strip - strips all whitespace from the beginning and end of the character
# string methods message = "hey dude" print(message) # prints "hey dude" message = message.upper() print(message) # prints "HEY DUDE" message = "THIS WAS IN ALL CAPS" print(message) # prints "THIS WAS IN ALL CAPS" message = message.lower() print(message) # prints "this was in all caps" message = "one two three four five" # prints ['one', 'two', 'three', 'four', 'five'] print(message.split()) message = "tahiti, it's, a, magical, place" # prints ['tahiti', " it's", ' a', ' magical', ' place'] print(message.split(",")) message = "hello" print(message.isalpha()) # True message = "12345" print(message.isalpha()) # False message = "12345" print(message.isdigit()) # True message = "hello world" print(message.isdigit()) # False message = " lots of white space " print(message) message = message.strip() print(message + "|")
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Output of the above code:
hey dude HEY DUDE THIS WAS IN ALL CAPS this was in all caps ['one', 'two', 'three', 'four', 'five'] ['tahiti', " it's", "a", 'magical', 'place'] True False True False lots of white space lots of white space|
Remember, these are also methods, so just like with list methods, you have to do variable_name.method(). Just doing method() by itself will either not work or cause an error.
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