6.1 Intro to Lists

Intro to Lists

Most of you already know what lists are. You make lists all the time, like a bucket list or a grocery list. A list in Python is similar. When we make a list, we assign values to that list, which are numerically ordered. Lists can have any type of data inside them. For example:
my_list = [1, 2, "oh no", 4, 5.62]
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Making a List

As you saw in the previous example, you make a list just like you would a regular variable, except that you use the straight brackets and put the contents inside, separated by commas
another_list = ["data", "more data", "separated by commas"] # as you see, we have the variable name, another_list # we assign the data just as we would with an integer or string # the items in the list are separated by commas

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