17.6 Modifying a Tuple

Modifying a Tuple

Tuples are immutable. However, it can hold mutable objects, which means we can do this:
tup = (7, 'coffee', ['good', 'morning']) tup[2][1] = 'evening' # changes 'morning' to 'evening' print(tup) # prints (7, 'coffee', ['good', 'evening'])
but not this:
tup = (7, 'coffee', ['good', 'morning']) tup[0] = 5 # tries to change 7 to 5 # Above code results in # TypeError: 'tuple' object does not support item assignment
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Basically, you can modify mutable objects in the tuple but not the tuple itself. That means that you can’t increase or decrease how many elements there are in a tuple, and you can’t replace elements inside a tuple.
Go here (https://www.programiz.com/python-programming/tuple) for additional information on tuples.


Modify Tuple

Given a tuple whose first two elements are strings and the third element is a dictionary. Add the given key and value to the dictionary in the tuple.
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