17.12 Getting Objects From a Set

Getting Objects From a Set

Unlike lists, indexing doesn't work with sets. Use a loop to fetch contents instead. Also, you cannot change the size of a set while iterating through it
For example:
for n in {'this', 'may', 'not', 'be', 'in', 'order'}: print(n)
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will result in:
be may order not this
Or, it could result in some other combination of those words since sets are unordered.


Odd Set Day

Given a set, remove all the even numbers from it, and for each even number removed, add "Removed [insert the even number you removed]". Example: {1,54, 2, 5} becomes {"Removed 54", 1, 5, "Removed 2"}. It is possible to solve this problem using either discard or remove.
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