1.1 Intro + Setting up Google Collab



Welcome to the beginner Machine Learning course! In this course, we're going to tackle a fundamental aspect of Machine Learning (ML for short), called Regression. We'll assume you have access to a Google account or can create one, although we can work it out if not.

Setting up Google Colab

Download the notebook attached below.
Then, open up https://colab.research.google.com/ in a new tab. If you are not logged into your google account, sign in. Then, select the "Upload" option, and choose this notebook. Then follow the instructions in this lesson. This should open the notebook in Colab. Congratulations, you’ve opened your first notebook!
Notebooks are a unique way to handle code, and they’re a huge part of Machine Learning. It’s important that you know how to work with cells, so let’s discuss those. The boxes of code you see in the notebook are called cells. You can run each one of those individually, to test and change small parts of the entire program. It’ll be a little unusual after using an IDE, but you’ll get used to it as we go along. The way to run a cell of code, is to click it so that the cell is active, and then press Shift+Enter. This will compile the code, and run it. We’ll run our first line of code in a minute.
From here, work through the notebook. Once you are done, go through the next few lessons as a review, and then take the Python Review Quiz.

Chapter 1 Introductory Requirements

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1.2 Libraries: Pandas, Numpy, ScikitLearn and Matplotlib
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