3.3 Manipulating CSS


3.3 Manipulating CSS

To change the CSS properties of an element, follow this syntax:
document.getElementById(id).style.property = new value
For example, say we want to change the text color, font-family, and font-weight of a paragraph tag with id = “p1”:
let p1 = document.getElementById(“p1”); p1.style.color = “blue”; p1.style.fontFamily = “Times New Roman”; p1.style.fontWeight = “bold”;
This makes the text in the p1 tag blue and bolded, and changes the font to Times New Roman.
Notice that we don’t use a hyphen for CSS property names with more than one word (e.g. we didn’t write “p1.style.font-family”). This is because Javascript doesn’t allow hyphens to be part of property names. Instead, we capitalize each subsequent word in a CSS property name. For example, “font-weight” becomes “fontWeight”.

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