6.2 Arrow Method

6.2 Arrow Method

The arrow method is added to JavaScript in ES6 (Think different versions of JavaScript). It has some benefits. One of which is that it is shorter than your typical method.
// typical method function powerTwo(num) { return num * num; } // arrow method let powerTwo = (num) => num * num;


const let methodName = (Parameter1, Parameter2, ...) => { /* */ }; // note: if you don't use brackets, it is implied that whatever comes after the // arrow is something you want to return.
There are some downsides to arrow methods:
  1. They are anonymous.
      • If something breaks, you won’t be told where things went wrong.
  1. No self-referencing
      • If your method needs to refer to itself at some point (called Recursion), it’s not possible with arrow methods.


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