3.4 Ternary Operator

3.4 Ternary Operator

What Is a "Ternary Operator"?

JavaScript has this special operator (well, actually it's pretty common in programming languages) called the ternary operator. It uses : and ? in its structure, and assigns a value to a variable based on some condition. This is like a shorter form of a if-else statement.

Why Use a Ternary Operator?

It's simply syntax sugar (something that makes your code more pretty). You can replace a ternary operator with an if-else statement, but using this makes your code shorter and flexes your JavaScript knowledge.

Basic Structure

Here is the basic structure:
<condition> ? <value1> : <value2>;
  1. Ternary operator starts with conditional expression followed by the ? operator.
  1. The second part (after ? and before : operator) will be placed into the variable if the condition is true.
  1. IF the condition is false, then the third part (after :) will be placed into the variable.


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