2.2 Arithmetic Operators

2.2 Arithmetic Operators

2.2 Arithmetic Operators

These are just your typical math operators. Very important in any programming language. Know them well!
let x = 5; let y = 10; x + y; //returns 15 y - x; //returns 5 x * y; //returns 50 y / x; //returns 2 x % 2; //returns 1 x++; //returns 6 x--; //returns 4
+ Operator performs concatenation operation when one of the operands is of string type.
The following example shows how + operator performs operation on operands of different data types.
let a = 5, b = "Hello ", c = "World!", d = 10; a + b; // "5Hello " b + c; // "Hello World!" a + d; // 15
When concatenating a number with a string, it won't actually do math. Only when a number is added with another number will it do math.


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