11.3 Method Calls

Calling a method is the formal way to say using a method. When you call a method, you execute all of the code which is inside of the method’s body (the stuff in the curly braces).
You call a method by using the method’s name, followed by parentheses and a semicolon. You can add arguments into the parentheses if you want to pass information into the method. You can think of arguments as options you have to change the behavior of a method. For example, I could have a method called scoopIceCream(), and I could pass the argument “chocolate” into the method to tell the method what flavor of ice cream I want it to scoop for me.
For example, the method sum() is called in the main method below. The sum() method takes 2 arguments, 5 and 4.
public static void main(String[] args) { sum(5, 4); }
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