4.4 Operators Style Guide

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Ch. 4 Operators

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Quick Summary

Before we move on here's a brief review of all the operators we learned so far:
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Style Guide

When using binary operators, you should leave at least 1 space between the operands (the things being operated on) and the operator. When using a unary operator, you should not leave any space. Remember, you should follow style conventions to help code be readable to humans.
Good style:
a += 1; a = 5 - 1; a++;
Bad style:
a+=1 a=5 -1; a ++;

Lots of Operators!

Now that you’ve learned all of these operators, you might be tempted to do something like this:
a += b++ * --a % 50;
However, as you probably can see, this is not very readable. Therefore, if you have a lot of operators, you probably want to separate them into multiple lines.
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