Class Codes

Class codes are unique 5 digit numbers that help with identifying the exact class that a student or teacher is in.
The system outlined below is subject to change as Class Scheduling matches students and teachers to their classes. This page was last updated: 4/19/21 for Summer 2021 classes.
All class times are in Pacific Time (PT).

Fifth Digit: Session Number

Some classes may have multiple sessions that occur simultaneously. For example, session 1 of a given class may be taught by Teacher A while session 2 of a class is taught by Teacher B. However, both session 1 and session 2 are the exact same course, level, days, and time. To differentiate between the sessions, each is assigned a number.


21211 means Python Beginner on Tue & Thur from 12-1 PM PT, session 1.
31423 means Scratch Beginner on Thur & Sun from 2-3 PM PT, session 3.